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Car brochures from the past five decades

Welcome to Motorworld Car Brochures.

A collection of almost 100,000 car brochures and magazines has been assembled by Motorworld Car Brochures, and even though we are still wading through a vast number of bookshelves and boxes, we have already identified duplicates that we no longer need. It's through this website that we plan to sell them onto other car brochure fans and collectors.

If there's something in particular that you're looking for, drop us a note, as we may have it, but haven't got around to listing it yet.

Please note that we do not buy brochures, we only sell them.

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Knowledge is key

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Motorworld Car Brochures was founded with a couple of goals in mind: to help other car brochure collectors and car enthusiasts to find rare material that they may not have, and to make more space in our collection by disposing of duplicates. The collection owner is a bit of a car geek, and has an extensive knowledge of the car industry, and what he doesn't know probably isn't worth knowing. Model specifications, trim levels, statistics, on-sale dates, sales figures - you name it, he probably knows it.

Visit our eBay site for links to all of our current items for sale.

Or if there's something particular that you are looking for, send us a note below.

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